About hammY

Our History

The idea for the hammY was born when the founder injured his hamstring playing softball and discovered how to putt more easily by using the proper methods.  After 27 prototypes, the hammY was created!

Spencer Levin uses the hammY putter and a “Happy Gilmore” style of putting.

Using hammY

When using hammY to putt, you’ll line up differently:

    1. Open your stance to the hole at a 45° angle.
    2. Grasp the bottom grip with your right hand.
    3. Use your shoulders to create a nice, fluid motion back and through.

The hammY’s 38-inch “triple-bend” shaft places the shaft over the ball and automatically presses the ball forward.

The putter head is offered with a polymer insert and milled-faced. The thick grip encourages quiet wrists throughout the stroke.

hammY Putter Tutorials

What Others Say

The hammY Putter has been used by golf professionals, instructors, and amateur golfers for the last 20 years. See what others have to say about our innovative putter!

Check out Spencer Levin’s WILD new putting technique

HammY putter leads Gulbis to first LPGA victory

Doug Sanders on the HammY putter.

Eric Soderholm on the HammY Putter

"When I take the club back I stay nice and low to the ground and when I go through, with an open stance, I stay on line right at the target. I do believe, if I was using the hammY Putter, I would have won twice as many tournaments in my career."

Doug Sanders
PGA Tour Legend & 20 Time Winner

"Like the bunt in baseball the hammY's split grip gives you a nice, easy, swing control to the putter head. I have found that it helps me immensely."

Eric Soderholm
Former MLB Star & 6 handicap

"The hammY Putter is brilliant from a sports vision perspective. As an optometrist, who has dedicated his life to improving the visual system, I don't know why anyone would go back to putting in a traditional style again."

Dr. Brent Dunlap
Optometrist & Avid Golfer

"The hammY Putter has made my teaching putting simple. All I do is ask my students to image they are rolling the ball in with thier hand. Anyone, including young children, can relate. It is easy and prevents their minds from getting cluttered."

Greg Miller
PGA Professional & Instructor